"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​From 2 year old to 4 year old Preschool Playgroup

            The aim of Bellevue Playgroup shall be to enhance the development and education of children under statutory school age:-


            *   encouraging parents/carers to understand and provide for the needs of their children:

            *   providing safe and satisfying group play in which parents/carers have the right to take part:

            *   encouraging other charitable activities through which parents/carers may help the children:

            *   furthering the aim of the Wales Pre-School Playgroups Association together with their


            Statement of Principles which reads as follows:-


            Wales PPA believes that :

            - the development, education and care of pre-school children is of paramount importance

            - all children have the right to high quality pre-school provision:

            - parents are the prime educators of their children:

            - active parental participation should be encouraged and supported:

            - all children, and all adults, should have the right to quality of opportunity and to be treated with respect.





Bellevue Playgroup is a group offering care, with sessions lasting no more than four hours on a Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday. We then offer full day care on a Thursday and Friday upon demand with sessions lasting no more than five and a half hours.  


Sessions are run from 9.15 am to 11.45 am.   On demand sessions are run from 9.15 am to 2.30 pm. on a Thursday and a Friday.  The children attending the sessions are predominantly boys and girls of 2 years to 4 years of age, cared for with or without their parents/carers present.


                                                                                 Children are offered places from the waiting list.


Bellevue Playgroup Limited accept children with additional needs as a priority and an independent member of staff is employed to assist the individual if funding is available and in whichever way necessary for the child to integrate with the other children in the Playgroup and join in with any and all activities taking place throughout the session.  (Advice shall be taken from WFIS to help the Playgroup achieve this).


In accordance with the terms of the CSSIW (Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales), the group is registered for 32 children, with a ratio of 1 adult to 4 children for those under the age of 3 years, and 1 adult to 8 children for those over the age of 3 years. 


As required by the C.S.S.I.W. the Policy and Procedure Documents are reviewed on an annual basis by the Manager, and any changes are added and the amended copies are forwarded to the C.S.S.I.W.   


Telephone number for C.S.S.I.W. if required is 0300 7900 126.  Address :-   CSSIW North Wales Region, Welsh Government Office, SarnMynach, Llandudno Junction, LL31 9RZ.